Proximity (WM6.5)

Proximity: GPS-activated alarm

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Never miss a connection! Are you constantly doing the same trip and want something to automatically happen en route? Set off an alarm before you doze past your train station? Email your spouse when you’re leaving work? Text your son when you’re arriving to collect him and his friends from soccer? Tell Proximity about your trip and it will track you using your GPS. When you get near a destination, Proximity can set off alarms, send text messages and emails, pop up reminders and even make phone calls. Carpooling with two friends every day? You can add multiple legs to a trip, so Proximity can text Fred and email Sheila just before you arrive at their houses. Want to text the kids before you collect them, and then each of their parents before you drop them off? Easy. Save trips for multiple uses and it’s just a couple of clicks to repeat them – Proximity keeps information about your trips and gets more precise every time you travel. Never wake up at the end of the train line or get stuck waiting for anyone again!


  • Ring alarm, send text message, email or make a phone call at a particular physical location
  • Works with either built-in or external GPS
  • Store trips for re-use
  • Sophisticated learning algorithm makes exceptionally accurate arrival time estimates
  • Runs in the background – make your iPhone friends jealous!

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