Two new features added to Proximity

29 Jun

Just a quick update – as a result of requests from a few users, we’ve added two new features to Proximity. They are:

  1. The ability not to store trip history for certain trips. It turns out some users just want their ETA calculated using their average speed – the cunning-as-a-fox historic trip analysis we worked on clearly isn’t the right thing for everybody, and it uses up space on your device and some processor power. So we’ve added an option not to store history for a particular trip.
  2. The ability to set custom reminders. People are using Proximity to remind them about various chores (buy milk; drop off drycleaning; pick up a newspaper; etc). In the current version there’s no way to set a custom message on reminders – they just say “At x in y minutes”. Well, now you can set custom reminders the same way as you can set custom SMS messages or emails.

We’re just going through the final stages of testing, and we’ll be submitting these updates to the Marketplace in the next day or two. It takes about a week for Microsoft to certify them so, assuming nothing goes wrong with that, the new version should appear for download on the Marketplace in a week.


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