Update: How much am I making on Windows Mobile apps?

11 Jun

The sharp-brained of you may remember that I wrote a blog post back in April detailing how much money I’d made so far from selling Windows Mobile apps. At the time I pledged to give further updates as time went on, and, [drum roll] here is one of them.

As you may know, I have two apps currently selling on the Windows Mobile Marketplace. They are Carlos, the classic “where did I park the car” app, and Proximity, a sort of GPS-triggered alarm and notification system. I wrote a lot more about both of them in that April blog post should you be interested.

Back then I’d made around $280 from Carlos and $350 from Proximity – my income was looking to hover somewhere around $500 a month. Of course, Proximity had been on sale for only one month, so it was a bit early to come up with per-month figures. I also showed this beautiful chart of sales to date:


Well, here’s the update. To cut to the chase, my sales chart now looks like this:

The most obvious thing is that Proximity, my more expensive app (and, to be honest, the one that I’m more proud of as a work of engineering) has really caught up on Carlos. Shortly after publishing my last post on this topic, I noticed that Carlos sales were starting to tail off – it’s the sort of app that people might buy for fun without really determining whether they need it or not, so I rather thought this was going to mean my sales would drop off over time. However, they took a strange up-tick in the last couple of weeks, so perhaps I’ll steer clear of making that pronouncement just yet.

Proximity sales, on the other hand, have been going pretty well. Sales caught Carlos quickly and showed no signs of abating until the last couple of weeks and, well, given the Carlos experience I’ll give it a bit more time before I pronounce any longer-term doom.

It’s certainly true that I am making a lot more money now out of Proximity. My $500/month predictions from the last post were a bit heady – now that things have bedded down a bit, I’ve been averaging $403/month, with a mere $125 of that coming from Carlos and the other $278 from Proximity.

All of that money, and a bit more, is being spent. I am paying a developer to port Carlos to Windows Phone 7 – I have very early alpha copies up and running, so I’ll hopefully have some more to say about that here at some point in the near future. I’d love to port Proximity as well but I need to do a bit of research into whether it’s plausible, because right now Proximity rather relies on running in the background.

I’ll post a further update in a few months and let me pledge here and now that I’ll also spill the beans on my WP7 success or failure when the time comes.


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