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Peak Bagger now available!

15 Apr

It was back in October last year when I emailed Greg, the chap who runs, to find out if he wanted to join forces on a mobile app. It was December when I actually got a prototype running, and it’s seemed like decades since then until we actually got the nuts and bolts together to create new accounts, log ascents, manage lists, et cetera, et cetera. Well, finally now it’s finished – here, for posterity, is the very first peak bagging logged by the app – Sněžka, in the Czech Republic, which I climbed a couple of weeks ago. For software testing purposes, obviously.

First peak bagged

Well, now we’re all done, at least with the first version. This is without doubt the best quality app I’ve made so far and I’m quite proud of how it turned out. If you give it a shot, I’d love to hear what you think!

Ah yes, and I know what you’re saying. Didn’t this guy retire two days ago? Well, I technically finished this a while ago, it just needed to get through certification. If it makes a million, I’ll be the first to unretire.


Sneak video preview of our next app: Peak Bagger

17 Dec

Seems like a fine time to come clean about our next creation – Peak Bagger. Being an enthusiastic if hopeless mountaineer myself, I’ve been using to track ascents of peaks I’ve climbed up. It will also tell you how far you are through various ranges (the Seven Summits, perhaps, or in my case the Mountaineers Everett Lookout Peaks).

Well, I thought, wouldn’t it be handy to have a mobile app. As well as browsing your progress, you could also log summits when you were standing on top of them and avoid having to go back and find them in the database, then try to remember what day it was.

Well, to cut a long story short, Mr agreed, and the app is almost finished. Here’s a quick demo (no sound, I’m afraid, I’m a terribly shy sort of chap).

Most of the features are in there – right now the app is hard-coded to my data (which I can see wouldn’t be ideal in the long term) and some of the source data is missing. the zeros at the right hand side will eventually be the number of times you’ve climbed a given peak, and the number of times anyone’s logged an ascent of it. I’ve also got some work to do on acount creation/login screens and a small pile of bugs to deal with, but I think I’ll be done in the first half of February.

The app will allow you to bag summits without a data connection (it’ll work out what they were later) and will have a free trial version. I’m not exactly sure what you’ll get for free yet.

If you have any thoughts I’d be glad to hear them – I’m unlikely to add any other features to version one, but if you have modifications you’d like then now is the time!